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Dog Friendly Cottages In Northumberland

Northumbria Byways is delighted to be able to offer a range of dog friendly cottages. Follow the link for details.

Indeed, on our Northumberland Blog we occasionally write dog friendly special features. We have had some excellent feedback on these to date, so we have reproduced elements below.

We all love to take our dogs on holiday. What would it be like without them? Well I know some people would say a lot easier but to me its not quite the same. But what makes a good holiday house for you and the your dogs? What should you look for, what should you expect?

These are just a few good guidelines.

1. To us the important thing is that the house is rented from someone who understands dogs. Someone who understands that most dog owners are desperate to keep the house clean and tidy, to prove that their dogs can go on holiday too and that they are responsible. Find a house like this and you will return time and time again.

2. Decent secure garden. Oh how important and what joy when you find that you can let your dog outside on a cold winter evening and not have to worry about it chasing the cat next door or running onto the busy road which you hadn't known was there.

Bill's three working ColliesTed on Harelaw

Photo left: Bill Elliot's 3 dogs Kale, Glen and Tweed.

Photo right: Ted on Harelaw with Cheviot in background

3. Pebbled or concrete area outside. It really helps if your dog has a non muddy area to stand outside the door as you start to clean those paws. I know of people who don't like pebbled areas and they say its sore on the dogs feet. But to us it is so much easier to clean them on hard standing.

4. An external hose to wash them down. Or joy of joys a stream or river to really wash them in after that visit to the beach.

5. External safe area or kennels. Sometimes when you return from that river walk they are just so muddy and you are so tired that you absolutely have to leave them to dry off outside. Having a kennel or secure area is so useful.

6. A non carpeted area inside. We love kitchens with tiles. The dogs can come in clean....but if you have been on the beach then the chances are that there is sand still on them. So they can lie down on the tiles and dry properly whilst you open that bottle of wine which you thought about all the way home.

7. No ornaments at a low level. We have all been into houses where the ornaments just fill every table, shelf and mantlepiece. Well any decent labrador will have a tail designed to knock them off.

8. Walks nearby. It helps if you can walk them straight from the house and it's not a question of getting in the car and driving away. This is a luxury, just leave the back door and the walk starts immediately.

Here at Northumbria Byways we have lots of holiday cottage owners more than willing to welcome families with their dogs. They understand that usually anyone willing to take dogs on holiday will ensure that everyone has a good time!

We also have a list of selected cottages around Hadrian's Wall, the Coast and North Northumberland.